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To place the order over the phone or for assistance locating grave and cemetery information of your loved one, please call
1 (833) BLOOM88 M-F 9am-5pm CST.
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Our subscription service gives you a variety of options to choose from a single yearly delivery up to four deliveries per year. This allows you to have fresh arrangements year-round. You can choose your delivery dates or have them automatically delivered at the beginning of each season.

1 Arrangement Yearly $64.95

2 Arrangements Yearly $116.72 ($58.36 each, 10% discount)

3 Arrangements Yearly $165.63 ($55.21 each, 15% discount)

4 Arrangements Yearly $207.84 ($51.96 each, 20% discount)

Option 1: Single Arrangement Delivery


Get a one time delivery of one of our custom hand made arrangements of your choice and receive a confirmation photo after we place the arrangement.

  • 1 Arrangement Yearly $64.95
  • 2 Arrangements Yearly $116.72 ($58.36 each, 10% discount)
  • 3 Arrangements Yearly $165.63 ($55.21 each, 15% discount)
  • 4 Arrangements Yearly $207.84 ($51.96 each, 20% discount)
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How It Works

Our silk flower arrangements are custom-designed, offering the best of sunflowers, roses, cattails, hydrangeas, and honeycombs. Every design is unique and hand-crafted for durability. You can place a single order or choose a subscription so that your loved one will always receive new arrangements periodically. The next step is to find the cemetery of your loved one. We keep an extensive database of cemeteries across the United States. Next, choose from our custom designed flower arrangement options. Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email. Delivery confirmation and a confirmation photo will be emailed once the arrangement has been placed.

1. Place a Single Order or Choose a Subscription


Placing an order couldn’t be easier. Choose between our convenient subscription service or a one time delivery.

2. We Deliver Your Ordered Arrangement


Once your order is placed, our system will initiate the delivery process of the ordered arrangement by one of our BloomBridge Runners.

3. Receive Delivery & Photo Confirmation


When the flower arrangement has been delivered, you will receive an email confirmation of the delivery. You will also receive a confirmation photo of the flower arrangement on the grave specified for you to share with family and friends.



Our Story:

BloomBridge is the brainchild of our founder, Kristen Allen.
Kristen has always had a love for people and flowers. She always made sure that her loved ones that had passed had flowers on their graves. “My late grandmother always said,

“when it’s my time, don’t you let me be the only one out there without flowers.”

I assured her I would not. The convenience of that promise however became challenging and after much thought the idea of BloomBridge was born.

We recently rebranded our name from Flowers to The Grave to BloomBridge. We felt that Flowers to The Grave sounded more like what we do rather than who we are. BloomBridge represents the blooming flowers that bridge the world we are living in and the afterlife.


Why We Do This

We believe there is something to be said for remembering your loved ones. Honoring someone after they pass is about respect and loyalty. Flowers in a cemetery represent that life is still there and brings peace of healing to those that are still here. We want to help spread that peace to everyone.

Our daily lives get busy and sometimes it is impossible to find time to visit the graves of our loved ones, not to mention having to grab the flowers. In the beginning, the thought came from the Concern of our loved ones being forgotten and in that event we would lose a piece of who we are. This concern turned into a vision and this vision turned into an idea, BloomBridge.

BloomBridge caters to everyone. Whether you are physically unable, not in the locale, cannot find the time, or you are wanting to gift flowers out of respect for a family member, friend, or even a co-worker.

BloomBridge allows you to honor your loved ones and others’ loved ones with a special tribute from anywhere.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is in a subscription?

Our subscription service gives you a variety of options to choose from. Single Yearly Subscription, Two per Year Subscription, Three per Year Subscription, and Four per Year subscription. This allows you to have a fresh arrangement year-round. You can choose your delivery dates or have them automatically delivered at the beginning of each season. We will also discard the previous arrangement and upload an additional confirmation photo after each delivery.

Can I place a single order?

Absolutely. You can send a single arrangement for $64.95 and receive a confirmation photo once the flower is delivered within 15 days.

How long does it take for my delivery to be confirmed?

On average, it takes 15 days for the flowers to be delivered to the gravesites from the day an order is placed. Most of our customers opt for the subscription service to make sure that their loved ones receive flower arrangements around Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, etc. By scheduling this subscription delivery ahead of time, you can be sure that the flowers will be delivered on time.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel, pause, or change the delivery dates for your subscription at any time for any reason.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged at the time you place your order. If you sign up for a subscription you will be charged 2 weeks before your first delivery date each year until canceled.

Do you offer any other flower arrangements or custom arrangements?

We plan to offer a wider variety of flower arrangements in the near future. What kind of arrangement would you like to see? We would like to hear from you! Contact Us.

Do you offer fresh flowers?

No, we do not offer fresh flowers at this time. We believe that these high quality silk flower arrangements are just as pretty and look very similar to fresh flowers, while being more durable for the arrangements to stay looking fresh longer.

What if I can’t find the cemetery in the search field?

If you can’t find the cemetery in the search field, you can provide the name and address of the cemetery manually, or skip step 2. If we are not able to service that area, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Where do you deliver?

We are now servicing the entire United States. Honor your loved ones today! Place Order

How do I know that my flower has been delivered?

You will receive an email confirmation with a confirmation photo as soon as the flower has been delivered. Let us know what you think about our service by leaving us a review at:

When should I expect to have my ordered flower arrangement delivered?

We strive to do our best to deliver your ordered flower arrangement on the specified date. However, due to the nature of having to find the gravesite in sometimes very large cemeteries, your ordered flower arrangements may get delivered 1-2 days after or before the specified date. Details that you can provide in the notes section of the order checkout process can help us locate the gravesite much easier and quicker.

How do I provide feedback?

As a new company, we strive to provide the best customer service and experience to all of our customers. If at any point, you are not happy with our service and would like to provide feedback, please reach out to us. Contact Us. Your input is extremely valuable to us and we appreciate the opportunity to better serve you.

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