Interested in becoming a BloomBridge Runner?


What is a BloomBridge Runner?

A BloomBridge Runner is an independent contractor of BloomBridge who is interested in delivering flower arrangements to gravesites near and around the Runner’s current residence for a fixed delivery fee.

What does the BloomBridge Runner do?

When a flower arrangement is purchased by a customer of BloomBridge for a delivery to a gravesite in your area, BloomBridge’s system will send out the delivery job availability through a BloomBridge Runner mobile app installed on your mobile phone. Active BloomBridge Runners in that area can then review and accept the delivery assignments that they are interested in through the BloomBridge Runner mobile app. BloomBridge will then send the ordered flower arrangement to the respective BloomBridge Runner for delivery to the gravesite. In addition to the flower arrangement, the BloomBridge Runner mobile app will also provide delivery addresses and instructions for the BloomBridge Runner.

How does the application work?

This is an application form that an applicant will need to fill out and submit, to be considered for becoming an active BloomBridge Runner. In addition, an independent contractor’s agreement will be emailed to the applicant for signature immediately following the submission of this application form. BloomBridge will then review your application and provide updates with regards to your application status.

Interested but not ready to apply?

We would love to stay in touch. If you would like to hear more about BloomBridge, please click here to share your contact information with us.


Runner Application:

Personal Information

Please fill out your personal information for this application.
Your Name(Required)
Please upload your proof of insurance for your personal vehicle. You must be a driver on your policy. Note: If you have an issue uploading the insurance file please submit the form without it and we will contact you to submit it via email.
Max. file size: 64 MB.
Your Email Address(Required)
Mobile Phone Preferred.
Type of Mobile Phone(Required)
Please let us know what type of mobile phone you use.

What Cemeteries would you like to deliver to?

Please specify the cemeteries you are willing to deliver to. If you do not know the cemeteries please enter cities and zip codes.
Search for cemeteries you would like to deliver to
Use this form to search for a cemetery. You can enter the cemetery name and a list will populate with choices OR you can enter your zip code to see a list cemeteries we deliver to in your area. If you do not find any results you can manually add the cemetery information of your choice. If you do not know the cemeteries you can skip to the next section and enter zip codes you would like to deliver to.

Note* Use the + button next to zip code to add more!
Cemetery Name
Street Address
Street Address 2
Zip code
Zip Code Entry
Enter the zip codes on a single line you would be willing to deliver to. Click the + button to add more!
If you prefer to deliver within a certain radius of your home address. Please notate that distance here. For example you may want to only deliver arrangement within a 20 mile radius of your home.

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